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Given an average per-person consumption of around 200-250 grams per day, the total yearly intake of flour in India amounts to an astonishing 63.3 million tonnes. This widespread inclusion in diets positions fortified wheat flour as a powerful means of providing essential nutrients to a large segment of the population. This, in turn, leads to a substantial enhancement of overall health and a notable reduction in the prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies, such as anaemia and other health concern.

Sarwa Atta

Sarwa Wheat Flour

Sarwa, a prominent manufacturer of fortified wheat flour in India, is committed to incorporating highly bioavailable iron, folic acid, and zinc. This approach is strongly advocated as a public health strategy to elevate hemoglobin levels, enhance iron status, and prevent anemia and other deficiencies, especially in vulnerable groups such as children and women. In doing so, Sarwa is dedicated to addressing these nutritional gaps and ensuring that the final fortified wheat flour product or fortified atta flour is not only appealing but also nutritionally enriching.

Sarwa Fortified Maida


Sarwa's Fortified Maida is produced through the process of milling or grinding wheat and then bolting or dressing the resulting wheat meal. In a bid to enhance its nutritional value, Sarwa, a renowned manufacturer and supplier in India, has incorporated edible oilseed proteins, vitamins, and minerals into their wheat Maida, which is currently being produced and distributed across the country. This standard is anticipated to play a crucial role in ensuring rigorous quality control measures for the production of high-quality Sarwa wheat Maida, all while maintaining hygienic conditions.

Sarwa Millet Atta

Sarwa Millet Mix

Sarwa Food, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Fortified Millet Flour in India, provides a specially ground Multi Millet flour delivered directly to your table. Are you looking to enhance the nutrition of your rotis and dosas? Our Multi Millet Flour is crafted from a unique blend of five robust millets: Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Quinoa, and Navane. These fortified millets, or millet mix flour, are rich in essential nutrients, making them a valuable addition to your daily diet and offering long-term health benefits.

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What is Fortified Flour?

During the milling process, the majority of flours are crafted from the endosperm once the bran and germ have been extracted. This leads to a reduction in the flour's nutritional worth, as a significant portion of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folic acid, and iron present in whole-wheat kernels becomes lacking in the finely milled endosperm flour. In order to counterbalance the nutrient loss sustained during the milling procedure, nutrients like - Minerals (e.g iron, zinc and calcium), Phytochemicals (e.g carotenoids and flavonoids), Vitamins (e.g folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6) are incorporated into the flour, a process known as enrichment or flour fortification .

What is fortified flour

Government Policies on Flour Fortification

As per the Global Fortification Data Exchange, over 90 countries have established the fortification or enrichment of wheat or maize flour as "mandatory". Under Section 92 of the FSS Act, 2006, the FSSAI, the food regulatory authority in India, is authorized to enact regulations pertaining to food fortification. This authority was exercised on August 2, 2018, resulting in the introduction of the Food Safety and Standards (Fortification of Foods) Regulations 2018. These regulations consolidate all relevant norms under one umbrella. They encompass the ongoing assessment and monitoring of standards, ensuring a continuous supply and demand of fortified food, along with providing micronutrient profiles to the population.

Why Sarwa ?

Sarwa Food has established a prominent position in the industry for producing fortified flour known for its freshness, quality, and strict adherence to hygiene standards. As trusted manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of pasta in India, Sarwa stands out as the preferred choice for customers in search of a delightful taste, enticing aroma, and a rich, flavorful experience. In addition, we offer premium products at competitive prices, making them accessible across every corner of India. With substantial investments in modernized infrastructure and a dedicated workforce, Sarwa is resolutely committed to maintaining cleanliness and complying with Indian Food Safety standards at our facilities. This ensures that the products we deliver not only meet high-quality standards but also contribute to a secure, reliable, and healthy lifestyle for our customers.

What nutrients are included in our fortification process ?
The most common nutrients added to flour include iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12. Additionally, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, calcium, and vitamin A can also be incorporated into the flour.
How is flour fortified in the mill ?
The fortification process is typically a continuous procedure that involves incorporating a premix into the flour during its production. In certain instances, fortification occurs within a high-speed blending system following the flour milling process. This system is typically integrated as part of a new flour mill.
Is Sarwa Fortified Flour suitable for children, pregnant, and lactating women ?
Children, along with pregnant and lactating women, derive significant benefits from consuming fortified wheat flour. They have elevated requirements for vitamins and minerals to facilitate physical growth and the formation of new tissues.
Is Sarwa Food's fortified flour available across India ?
Yes, Sarwa Food’s fortified flour is available in many regions of India, contributing to efforts in combatting malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies on a national scale.
What is the cost of Sarwa's Flour ?
Sarwa’s fortified flour is meticulously produced with additional nutrients, and the pricing may vary depending on the specific type of fortified flour. In the market, these variants generally cost from approximately 100/- to 200/- per kilogram.
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