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Sarwa Soya chunks are a notable source of protein and are abundant in polyunsaturated fats, including essential omega-3 fatty acids. As a prominent soya chunk manufacturer in India, Sarwa Food provides a range of nutritional benefits, including support for cardiovascular health, enhancing skin and hair, and contributing to bone health. Including Sarwa Soya chunks in your diet can be a comprehensive and health-conscious decision.

Sarwa Soya Chunks
soya chunks manufacturers

Sarwa Soya chunk

Sarwa Soya chunks stand out as one of the richest sources of protein, offering an impressive 64% high-quality protein content, surpassing even well-known sources like eggs, milk, or dal. This is why Sarwa Food, a leading manufacturer of Soya chunks in India, proudly refers to it as the "Dada of Protein." These chunks are also a commendable source of iron and calcium. Additionally, Sarwa Soya Chunks are recognized as an incredibly versatile ingredient in your kitchen; their inclusion in any dish is a gift to yourself for a nutritious diet.

soya chunks suppliers
soya chunks manufacturers

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What is Fortified Soya Chunks or Enriched Soya Chunks ?

As more individuals adopt vegetarianism, veganism, and plant-based diets, Sarwa Soya Chunks are designed to be enriched with an abundance of polyunsaturated fats, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids, offering a nutritious alternative to meat. In a 100-gram serving of uncooked Sarwa soya chunks, you'll find 345 calories, 52 grams of protein, just 0.5 grams of total fat, 33 grams of carbohydrates, and a substantial 13 grams of dietary fiber. Additionally, they are rich sources of calcium and iron, and they do not introduce extra sugar or sodium to the body.

What is fortified soya chunk

Government Policies on Snacks Fortification or Enriched Snacks

In 2016, the Ministry of Health and Food Safety, in conjunction with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), introduced policies regarding food fortification. Enriched Soya Chunks were identified as a high-priority option due to their proven effectiveness, simplicity, scalability, and cost-effectiveness in addressing micro-nutrient deficiencies among populations. As a result, these Fortified Soya Chunks have emerged as a significant dietary source. They serve as a valuable meat substitute, support heart health, aid in weight management, alleviate menopausal symptoms, balance hormones in women, enhance digestive well-being, and help regulate blood sugar levels.

Why Sarwa ?

Sarwa Food has earned a distinguished reputation for producing fortified or enriched soya chunk that is renowned for its freshness, quality, and adherence to hygiene standards. As reliable manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of soya chuck in India, Sarwa is the preferred choice for customers seeking delectable taste, enticing aroma, a rich, flavourful experience. Moreover, we offer premium products at competitive prices, ensuring accessibility to every corner of India. Through substantial investments in modernized infrastructure and a dedicated workforce, Sarwa is committed to upholding cleanliness and adhering to Indian Food Safety standards at our facilities. This ensures that the products we deliver to our customers contribute to a secure, trustworthy and healthy lifestyle.

Why choose Sarwa's fortified soya chunks ?
Sarwa Food’s fortified soya chunks are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, enhancing their nutritional value for overall health, especially for those seeking plant-based protein.
Is Sarwa Food's fortified soya chunks available nationwide in India ?
Yes, Sarwa Food’s fortified soya chunks are accessible in various regions across India, contributing to the nationwide effort against malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies.
What is the pricing for Sarwa Fortified soya chunks ?
Sarwa’s fortified soya chunks range from approximately 100/- to 200/- per gram, varying based on type and weight, offering meticulously crafted, nutrient-enriched options.
Sarwa’s fortified soya chunks are widely available through various wholesalers and shops, with the option to place bulk orders through our website for added convenience.
What are soya chunks made from ?
Soya chunks are produced from ‘defatted’ soy flour, a byproduct of soybean oil extraction. Initially rough-textured, they become soft and spongy when soaked in warm water or added to gravy.
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