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fortified rice manufacturers in india

Rice, the staple food of southern and eastern India, is consumed by more than 60% of the population. During the milling process, rice is often stripped of its important nutrients and left only as a great source of energy. To solve this problem, We uses the method of rice fortification and is one of the leading brands of fortified rice in India. Rice fortification is the process of adding vital vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, iron, zinc, and folic acid, to the rice to make it more nutritious food product.

fortified rice manufacturers in india

Fortified Rice Products

Sarwa Food has a unique approach to address specific nutritional deficiencies and make suitable fortified products to match your needs. As a leading fortified rice company in India, we provide a wide range of varieties of fortified products to choose from. Our basket includes-

Sarwa Vitamin fortified rice


Step 1:
mixing line

Pre-Mix Selection

The fortificant (premix) is chosen in accordance with the deficiency targeted and regulations. Some common nutrients include vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, iron, zinc, and folic acid. The fortifying ingredients are combined together in specific concentrations as suggested by experts.

Grinding & Mixing

In the production of FRK, broken rice serves as the main raw material. This broken rice is finely ground using stainless steel pulverizers. Following the grinding process, it is combined with water and a meticulously chosen pre-mix containing the desired fortifying ingredients.
grinding line
Step 2:
making line

Extrusion Or Rice making

This is the most important step where the rice & pre-mix dough is passed through an extrusion machine which converts dough into rice with desired shape and size by appropriate machine setting and die plate.

Drying & Cooling

The fortified rice manufactured by the extrusion machine has high mosture content which is undesirable hence it is passed through a multi-level, chain conveyor dryer machine to ensure required moisture content in FRK and then it is cooled down on long conveyor belts before packaging.
drying and cooling line
Step 3:
premium quality line

Quality control

The fortified rice kernels have to pass through the strict safety guidelines laid down by Sarwa Food as we strive to provide only the best to our consumers at a modest fortified rice price. We ensure that the quality is maintained throughout the batch by testing the concentration of fortification while also looking out for any contaminants.

Packaging and Distribution

The end product is high-quality Sarwa Food fortified rice kernels at economical fortified rice prices, which are then packed and distributed to various parts of the country making us a leading fortified rice manufacturer in India.

Packaging and Distribution
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Rice fortification is deemed highly promising for bridging gaps in current staple food fortification initiatives, given that it constitutes the primary food source for 65 percent of the Indian population, particularly benefiting the most vulnerable and economically disadvantaged groups who are actively engaged in government safety net programs. To ensure robust implementation, the Department of Food and Public Distribution is orchestrating comprehensive efforts involving various stakeholders, including State Governments/Union Territories, relevant Ministries/Departments, Development Partners, Industries, and Research Institutes. Both the Food Corporation of India and State Agencies are actively involved in procuring fortified rice, having established partnerships with private mills in India. To date, approximately 88.65 LMT of fortified rice has been acquired for subsequent supply, and distribution, ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Why Sarwa ?

Sarwa Food has earned a distinguished reputation for producing fortified rice that is renowned for its freshness, quality, and adherence to hygiene standards. As reliable manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of fortified rice in India, Sarwa is the preferred choice for customers seeking delectable taste, enticing aroma, a rich, flavourful experience. Moreover, we offer premium products at competitive prices, ensuring accessibility to every corner of India. Through substantial investments in modernized infrastructure and a dedicated workforce, Sarwa is committed to upholding cleanliness and adhering to Indian Food Safety standards at our facilities. This ensures that the products we deliver to our customers contribute to a secure, trustworthy and healthy lifestyle.

What is fortified rice ?
Fortification of rice involves enriching rice with essential vitamins and minerals that may be lost during the milling and polishing process. This can be achieved through methods like dusting, coating, or extrusion technology. The result is a more nutritious staple food option that contributes to improved public health.
What nutrients are added to Sarwa Food's fortified rice ?
Sarwa Food’s fortified rice is enriched with nutrients such as iron, folic acid, vitamin A, and other essential vitamins and minerals.
Can Sarwa Food's fortified rice be prepared like regular rice ?
Absolutely. Sarwa Food’s fortified rice can be cooked and prepared using the same methods as regular rice, providing convenience and versatility.
What is the cost of Sarwa Fortified Rice ?
Sarwa’s fortified rice is meticulously produced with additional nutrients, and the pricing may vary depending on the specific type of fortified rice. In the market, these variants generally cost from approximately 70/- to 150/- per kilogram.
Is Sarwa Food's fortified rice available across India?
Sarwa Food’s fortified rice is available in many regions of India, especially East India, including West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand, etc., contributing to efforts in combating malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies on a national scale.
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