Enriched Or Regular Pasta !!

What's your take ?

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Enriched Or Regular Pasta !!

What's your take ?


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A single serving of Sarwa Pasta offers an iron content equivalent to two bowls of spinach. Leveraging state-of-the-art European technology, Sarwa Pasta, a certified fortified pasta manufacturer in India, incorporates essential B vitamins (niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin), iron, and folic acid. Available in various size and shape, this not only results in a delectable pasta but also enhances your immune system, providing a rich source of energy and vitality crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sarwa Corn Pasta

Sarwa Corn Pasta, often known as Sarwa Maize Pasta, stands out as a superb gluten-free option, catering perfectly to individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. Its unique composition provides a welcome alternative to traditional wheat-based pasta, offering a distinct flavour profile and texture. With the acclamation of being one of the premium pasta manufacturers in India, the inherent qualities of Sawra’s corn lend this pasta a delightful taste and slightly different mouthfeel, providing a satisfying culinary experience for those seeking gluten-free options.

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Sarwa Rice Pasta Farfalle

Sarwa Rice Pasta

Rice pasta, a widely recognized gluten-free alternative, is meticulously crafted from rice flour, providing a versatile option for those with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease. This variant from Sarwa Food, a certified rice pasta manufacturer in India has gained popularity due to its compatibility with gluten-free diets and is readily accessible in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Notably, it offers a pleasing texture and flavor akin to traditional wheat pasta, making it a preferred choice for individuals seeking gluten-free alternatives without compromising on taste and versatility in their culinary pursuits.

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Sarwa Rice Pasta Farfalle

Sarwa Quinoa Pasta

Sarwa Quinoa Pasta, a prominent brand in the market, meticulously crafted from quinoa flour, which is extracted from the quinoa grain. This particular grain is renowned for its outstanding nutritional content and its gluten-free nature. As a result, Sarwa Quinoa Pasta not only offers a distinctive nutty flavor but also stands out as a healthier option when compared to traditional pasta varieties. This combination of taste and health benefits has made Sarwa Quinoa Pasta a popular choice among health-conscious consumers seeking a delicious and nourishing alternative to regular pasta.

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Sarwa Wheat Pasta Fusilli

Sarwa Whole Wheat Pasta

Whole-grain pasta is crafted from flour that encompasses the entire wheat kernel—embracing the bran, germ, and endosperm. Sarwa’s Whole Pasta, a distinguished whole wheat pasta manufacturer and supplier in India, preserves the inherent nutrients, encompassing fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. As a result, this type of pasta is generally lower in calories and carbohydrates compared to refined alternatives, positioning it as a healthier option for individuals seeking to regulate their weight or blood sugar levels.

Sarwa Wheat Pasta Fusilli

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What is Fortified Pasta?

What is fortified pasta

Pasta's origins can be traced back to Asia and the Mediterranean; Italy remains celebrated for its pasta production. With the increasing global demand for pasta consumption, particularly fortified varieties, the trend has expanded to countries like India. At Sarwa Food, a prominent fortified pasta manufacturer in India, product developers and food scientists have dedicated themselves to enhancing the nutritional content of traditional pasta in line with evolving dietary preferences with three major B vitamins (niacin, thiamin and riboflavin), iron and the B vitamin folic acid, and focusing on providing health-conscious choices for consumers.

Government Policies on Pasta Fortification

The World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) in India all recognize pasta as an excellent choice for fortification due to its naturally low levels of protein and fiber. It is noteworthy that as early as 1949, the FDA was one of the pioneers in suggesting that pasta could be enhanced by adding essential vitamins and iron. This advancement enabled pasta manufacturers worldwide to enhance the nutritional content of their products by incorporating these beneficial elements. From a nutritional standpoint, this fortified pasta is enriched with three essential B vitamins (niacin, thiamin, and riboflavin), iron, and the crucial B vitamin folic acid, which plays a crucial role in preventing certain birth defects and imporving the healthy wellbeing.

Why Sarwa ?

Sarwa Food has earned a distinguished reputation for producing fortified pasta that is renowned for its freshness, quality, and adherence to hygiene standards. As reliable manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of pasta in India, Sarwa is the preferred choice for customers seeking delectable taste, enticing aroma, a rich, flavourful experience. Moreover, we offer premium products at competitive prices, ensuring accessibility to every corner of India. Through substantial investments in modernized infrastructure and a dedicated workforce, Sarwa is committed to upholding cleanliness and adhering to Indian Food Safety standards at our facilities. This ensures that the products we deliver to our customers contribute to a secure, trustworthy and healthy lifestyle.

Why is pasta fortified with added vitamins ?
Traditional enriched pasta only utilizes specific parts of the wheat kernel, leading to a loss of vital nutrients during the production process. To compensate for this, manufacturers often artificially introduce key nutrients like iron and B vitamins into the final product.
What is the meaning of fortified pasta ?
Fortified pasta refers to foods that have had essential nutrients artificially added to them, which are not naturally present in the food. These nutrients encompass specific vitamins, minerals, or other vital micronutrients that may be naturally lacking in that particular food product.
Is fortified pasta an economical choice ?
Yes, fortified instant pasta is generally a budget-friendly option, providing an affordable means to include a balanced and nutritious meal in your diet.
Is Sarwa Food's fortified pasta accessible nationwide in India ?
Yes, Sarwa Food’s fortified pasta is readily available in numerous regions across India, playing a significant role in the nationwide initiative to combat malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies.
What is the cost of Sarwa's pasta ?
Sarwa’s fortified pasta is carefully crafted with additional nutrients, and its cost may vary depending on the specific type of fortified pasta. In the market, these variants typically range from approximately Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per kilogram.
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